At MDT Financial Advisors, we believe in empowering individuals and families to take charge of their financial future, turning dreams into reality and providing a secure foundation for generations to come. Our commitment to personalized planning begins with our "Discovery Meeting," a crucial first step on your journey to financial well-being.

About You:

The Discovery Meeting is all about you. We understand that each individual and family is unique, with distinct aspirations, concerns, and priorities. Our team is devoted to learning about your individual needs and objectives to create a tailored plan that aligns perfectly with your financial goals.

About Us:

At MDT Financial Advisors, we pride ourselves on being a team of seasoned professionals with vast experience in planning and investment management. Our dedication to building meaningful, lasting relationships with our clients is the cornerstone of our success. We are committed to understanding your financial situation and providing you with the guidance and support you need to navigate the complex world of finance.

Family History and Dynamics:

Family history and dynamics play a significant role in shaping our financial aspirations and values. Understanding your family background helps us grasp the unique financial challenges and opportunities you may face. By delving into this aspect during the Discovery Meeting, we gain valuable insights that help us tailor our solutions to your specific circumstances.

Dreams, Goals, and Values:

Our dreams, goals, and values are the driving force behind our financial decisions. During the Discovery Meeting, we encourage open and honest discussions about what truly matters to you. Whether it's buying a dream home, funding your children's education, or planning for a comfortable retirement, we are here to support you in achieving these aspirations.

Comprehensive Planning Picture:

To create a robust financial roadmap, we assemble a comprehensive planning picture during the Discovery Meeting. This involves examining your current financial situation, assets, liabilities, and existing investments. We analyze cash flow, retirement accounts, insurance coverage, and any other relevant factors. This holistic approach allows us to design a custom-tailored  plan that helps maximizes growth while minimizing risks.

Assessing Your Risk Tolerance:

Understanding your risk tolerance is vital in designing an investment strategy that suits your comfort level. Our team will engage in risk assessment discussions, identifying the level of risk you are willing to undertake and ensuring it aligns with your financial objectives. We believe that a balanced investment portfolio should accommodate your risk tolerance while pursuing your long-term financial goals.

Moving Forward Solutions:

Having gained a deep understanding of your financial aspirations, risk tolerance, and family dynamics, we are well-equipped to formulate personalized solutions that set you on the path to financial success. These solutions will be presented and discussed during our "Solutions Meeting," the second step in our comprehensive process. Our team will guide you through the proposed strategies, answer any questions you may have, and fine-tune the plan according to your feedback.


The Discovery Meeting with MDT Financial Advisors is an essential starting point on your journey to financial prosperity. By delving into your family history, dreams, goals, values, and risk tolerance, we create a comprehensive understanding of your unique financial situation. Armed with this knowledge, we move forward together, designing a personalized plan that aligns with your aspirations and sets the stage for a secure and fulfilling future. At MDT Financial Advisors, we are excited to partner with you on this transformative journey, guiding you every step of the way towards financial freedom and confidence.

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