Have you ever taken pictures with your coworkers? Do you know that feeling where you are all smiling and standing close to each other, wondering how do you look? Yes, me too. As a matter of fact, today! This beautiful Wednesday morning, our photographer Bob Dempsey took our team pictures here at MDT.

This morning for the first time in weeks, I woke up before my alarm. Let’s face it… that almost never happens. The only time I wake up right before my alarm is when I am leaving for vacation. Not this morning though! This morning I was up and ready to go! Larry baked us cinnamon bread, and it was the perfect dessert for my morning coffee. It had a nice sugary swirl of cinnamon on top and it made our break room feel like a Cinnabon kitchen.

All my coworkers started arriving one by one. I smile looking at everyone’s outfit. You can tell we all put a lot of thought into matching and curating the little parts of a perfect image.

 I remember getting an email a few weeks back, with “SMILE FOR THE CAMERA” image and April 5 for a subject. As reading through the instructions, I can feel myself getting excited and nervous at the same time. Key words: Shade of Blue. That was our coordinated color for outfits. Well, pants or dress? Hair up or Hair down? Sports jacket or Suit? These are the thoughts my team walked with into Picture Day today.

I can sense an excitement and energy that is different today in the office. Nervous yet excited, we are all going in to take our photos taken. Bob’s wife, his assistant, is giving us her best advice on how to look professional and our best. I was nervous, my first pictures with the company and this team. I wasn’t sure how to properly pose for these pictures and thank God for Bob’s wife, who’s giving me her best advice on how to sit, smile or look like I just got called into my manager’s office. It only lasted about 10 minutes and after a few shots of the camera I am finally done.

Everyone went into our conference room/ photo studio nervous and came out all smiles! We all got to be in the center of that flashlight, looking our best and feeling even better. We were making jokes, giving each other compliments, asking what accessories to wear. The moment for our team picture arrived. Here we are, all of us standing close to each other, smiling brightly, and making sure we show the world and our clients we are standing closer and stronger than ever!

It was at that moment that I realized the most important lesson for today. It was never about looking perfect, sitting straight, being disciplined and serious… Our team doesn’t have mannequins. Each one of us is uniquely themselves, and that’s what makes us MDT. The best pictures are the ones full of laughter, eyes bright with excitement to be here, and trying to capture the essence of a company, The Team that makes MDT be different. But as we’re standing there next to each other, I just realized that more than the perfect image, we need to picture exactly this! Teamwork, all of us smiling genuinely and having fun while we take this moment captured by the lens.

Era Shehu
Client Associate @MDT Financial Advisors, LLC
455 E Medical Center Blvd., Suite 115, Houston, TX 77598
T: 281-938-1111
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