Markets Minute- New CPI Numbers 

The MDT Financial Advisors Market Minute videos are videos on current market sentiment and related topics. Tune in to gain valuable insights into market trends, assisting you to make informed decisions. 


Markets Minute- Last Week In The Market

The video provides a market update, highlighting a volatile yet ultimately positive week for the stock markets, with detailed performance stats for major indexes like the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and NASDAQ. Despite some daily losses, the week ended positively, influenced by a disappointing GDP report. The speaker emphasizes the importance of communication during volatile periods and encourages viewers to engage with questions.

Markets Minute - April Market Movements, Target Updates

In this video Chad Taylor, discusses the markets so far in April 2024 and updated price targets.  Is it time for a Strategy and Review meeting?  If the video brings up questions, let’s talk.


Back Door Roth Conversion

Explore the benefits of a Back Door Roth Conversion strategy with MDT Financial Advisors. This approach allows higher income earners to convert funds from a traditional IRA to a ROTH IRA despite the earned income limits of a Roth IRA, for tax-free growth potential and distributions in retirement. Discover how it can enhance your retirement, offering flexibility, estate planning advantages, and no required minimum distributions.


Can We Make a Spousal Roth IRA Contribution

Can we make a Spousal Roth IRA Contribution? The answer is that it depends. Do you have access to a retirement plan from work? What is your current income?

A Team Approach

At MDT Financial Advisors in Houston, Texas, the focus is on a collaborative, team-based approach to navigate the complexities of modern investment planning. By uniting professionals from the brokerage, insurance, and providing access to banking through Wells Fargo affiliates, the practice addresses the multifaceted financial challenges its client’s encounter. This approach ensures the development of strategic, tailored plans that align with clients' broader goals and objectives, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to simplify the complexities of managing wealth.


Markets Minute Are Stocks and Bonds Correlated

In this video we go over a chart from the Wells Fargo Investment Institute that kind of talked about the correlation between stocks and bonds.

Markets Minute Missing the Best Days and Missing The Worst Days

In this video, we'll explore why timing the stock market is difficult and often results in average investors underperforming. We'll look into how emotional decisions can negatively impact returns over time. A key focus will be on the significant consequences of missing the market's best trading days and the challenge presented by the fact that these days often occur close to the worst ones, making successful market timing very tricky. Lastly, we'll discuss the hypothetical advantage of avoiding both the best and worst days, despite the practical challenges of implementing such a strategy.

Markets Minute-Last Week In Markets and Narrow Market

The update covers the impact of the January Consumer Price Index (CPI) on market performance, highlighting a slight increase in inflation rates and its implications for Federal Reserve interest rate decisions. It also explores the market's narrowness through a comparison between equal-weighted and market-weighted indexes, using data from the Wells Fargo Investment Institute.

Retirement Readiness Assessment

Are you ready for retirement? It's a question that lingers in the minds of many people as they approach the next phase of their lives. Retirement planning isn't just about setting aside enough money; it's about ensuring you have the financial stability and confidence to live comfortably throughout your golden years. In this video, we'll explore the importance of assessing your retirement readiness and provide practical steps to help you evaluate your financial preparedness for retirement.

Where Are We Now, Where Are We Going

My name is Chad Taylor, Managing Partner with MDT Financial Advisors here in Houston, Texas. Today is February 1, 2024, and I had a few charts that I wanted to go over today and give you some information about where we think we are and where we think we're going.